Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rubbish award

Rubbish Diet Awards 2009 - Rubbish NewcomerMay I accept this rubbish award for Rubbish Newcomer on behalf of the Transition House and this blog.

Thank you Mrs Average.

[takes award and studies it for a moment]

Gosh, it's amazing what you can do with a Pringles tube and a load of bits and pieces from the bin.

On that note, please accept these rubbish flowers on behalf of all the rubbish bloggers who have been inspired by your rubbish adventures and for hosting this great Rubbish Diet Awards 2009 evening.

Rubbish flowersThis bouquet was made, at great expense (to the housework), but you will be pleased to hear that not a single heated greenhouse was used or air mile flown to get these flowers to you today. All the items can be re-used, if you so wish, the stalks are plastic bag wrapped knitting needles and the flowers strips of plastic yarn (plarn). Oh, and a little photo jiggery-pokery. Well, plastic bags are so difficult to find these days!

It only remains for me to say, good luck with the MediaGuardian Innovation Awards (MEGAS). Don't stay behind too long after the event to help them sort their rubbish, we can't wait to hear how you got on.


  1. Wow TH - I love the flowers thank you and a great acceptance speech. The MEGAs were fantastic and by now you might have seen I was pipped at the post by a very deserved winner, but it was a truly memorable night that I thoroughly enjoyed and to have been shortlisted was a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy your own award and keeeeeep slimming :-D x

  2. Hi Mrs A, you're welcome. Glad you enjoyed the awards night, looked like it was fun.


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