Thursday, 2 April 2009

Plarn purse

Plarn (plastic bag yarn) purseA quick update about the plarn knitting experiment (hate plastic, love plarn post). A friend gave me a load of plastic bags that were nearing their re-use (as a plastic bag) life, so I was able to get on and start knitting with plarn.

As it was just an experiment I wasn't too fussy about the colours of the bags I used, but as I like the finished texture I now wish that I had thought more about the combinations! The colours kind of work.. erm.. possibly...

Anyway, I created the plarn and started knitting. The plarn as described is a kind of two-ply yarn, that was quite thick to work with, but no knots because of the way the strips are joined. The plarn would go further if the lengths of plastic are knotted as single strips, so I'm trying that now. It will of course effect strength and texture as the knots might get in the way of the knitting, but I'll see and post up the next creation.


  1. Hi T.H.,

    I enjoyed your projects and am looking for a few kindred spirits to join us in the conversation at:

    Thanks and keep it up!


  2. Hi Jay,

    Just had a look at your forum and stubbled across the terra preta/biochar discussion. That's something I've been interested in for a while now, so I'll be joining the conversation soon.

    Great site.


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