Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sticky backed plastic

baby girl card
A text. A friend has just given birth to a baby girl.

Now obviously I had plenty of time to buy an appropriate card, but you know time - it has a way of disappearing.

But "buy"? What am I thinking? What could be nicer than a lovingly hand-made card? Well pretty much nothing according to my new bible The Thrift book by India Knight. Let hope she's right.

A quick tour of the house and I'd found everything I needed including the sticky backed plastic (I keep absolutely all wrapping paper and interesting cards). A few Blue Peter moments of cutting, glueing and sticking later and the card was created, I hope she likes it.

A hand-made card for the cost of a stamp, bargain. Now who's next? Ah yes, Valentine's day.


  1. That reminds me, I was planning to make hubby a Valentines card today, but he's probably going to be working from home all day. I'll need a cunning plan.

  2. Hi Karin,

    I hope your card plan worked and hubby was suitably impressed.

  3. He had to be impressed, he had forgotten to get me a card . . . but I got some very nice roses later. I think they were Fairtrade, but I didn't check the wrapper.


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