Sunday, 8 February 2009

Whoohoo! Christmas again!!

My Christmas present from my mum and dad has arrived!!


and yes, I can be that excited about seeds, you see these are not just any old seeds, they are seeds for vegetables that are particularly suited for growing on a patio. Which is brilliant because my I intend my vegetable garden to overflowing this year. If I can make use of the patio as well, all the better.

The larders will be full of chutney in no time. I've got pretty much everything from aubergine to zucchini (okay so it says courgette on the packet - but that didn't have the impact I was after), including potatoes (which I've never grown before).

So thank you mum and dad, I can't wait to get sowing.

PS. There's a great programme about permaculture on BBC 2 on the 20th of Feb, watch it if you can.


  1. Potatoes are fairly easy to grow, and going by our success last year, so are courgettes. We only had the one plant but still had a glut.

    If we don't have so much rain as last summer you will need a good watering system. That is the drawback with growing things in pots. I think my tomatoes would do a lot better if I watered and fed them more regularly.

    Do you get permaculture magazine, too? I got the same note about the BBC2 programme. I hope I'll remember to watch. I'm not a great one for TV.

  2. Hi Karin,

    I got a bokashi bin this year that I'm hoping will give me with a good supply of plant food. (I think I've got the composting triple set now - bokashi, wormery and good old fashioned compost bins!). You're right about the watering system. We're on a meter here, so I hope my water butts will be able to cope if it's a hot summer.

    Yes, we subscribed to the permaculture mag about a year ago. I always enjoy reading it.


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